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Fashion Trends in Athletic Shoes 2013

If you thought that fashion never enters the gym: think again. The new wave of unique trends and styles enter inside of the gym from pants to hairstyles, running shoes to even socks! If you want to stay stylish during all of your exercise activities, then you need to check out these trendy athletic shoes to pair up with your yoga pants and tank top.

Wild Patterns

One of the biggest trends found in athletic shoes for the year 2013 is the use of wild patterns. Whether it’s an exciting floral pattern bursting with amazing colors or a funky checkered pattern that catches the eye, it is in style without a doubt. There are plenty of wild patterns to choose from when it comes to athletic shoes, so finding the ideal pair to match your athletic gear is a synch.

Exotic Colors

Just as outstanding and crazy patterns are in style, so are exotic color combinations. When shopping for your next pair of athletic shoes, keep one word in mind: neon. Neon is seriously hip this year, and you need to have a pair. Some of the most popular neon colors include bright blues, exciting neon greens, and vibrant pinks that are shocking and fun. Some of these exotic shoes will be all extreme neon colors while others will backsplash against black or white.

  High Tops

Of course, athletic shoes that are cut at the ankle are always cool and useful; however, if you want to be extra stylish in the year 2013 during your exercises, then you need to check out high tops. What exactly are ‘high tops’? Well, the answer to this question is easy. High top sneakers are unlike typical running shoes cut at the ankle; instead, these shoes are much higher than the ankle, which make for great comfort and support for those who run often.

 Short and Sleek

If you prefer to rock a pair of shoes that are cut at the ankle, then you need to make sure you are grabbing the most stylish pair on the market. If you want a cute pair of running shoes that are fashionable and fun, then you need to get a pair that is sleek and sultry. Some of the hottest colors this year include navy blue, black, dark red, and dark gray.


Finding the perfect pair of shoes to rock at the gym this year is easy. With four great options to choose from, the choice is simple. Decide whether or not you’d like a shoe with a high top or ankle cut, and then decide on the design and pattern you’d like. Remember to keep two things in mind: the more neon colors and wild designs your running shoes have, the more trendy they ought to be. Once you’ve made your choice, head on over to Finish Line to complete your purchase. To save a little bit of money, check out Finish Line coupons

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